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Smoke Sauna M
Mäntyharju, 2016
Private commission, Built

To compensate the risk of burning down, smoke saunas need to be built significally taller in comparison to regular saunas. The plan was to hide the size and height of the building by positioning a large green roof plane in an angle with the lowest point towards the direction of approach to the plot and the sauna itself.

The building complex consists of two volumes made out of aspen log, comprising the sauna and a small dressing room. A large terrace with an incorporated outdoor tub reaches out towards the lake in a sharp angle following the topography of the lakeshore. A large roof plane connects the smaller volumes folding around the complex and transforming into the terrace at the other end. When approaching the plot only a rhythm of wooden vertical slats is revealed under the green roof. At the terrace side the building opens up towards a wide open view across the lake. Originally the lake view was designed to be framed with opaque walls at both ends of the building but the wall at the far end of the building was omitted at the request of the client.